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This page is where Raymond has received feedback from his clients who have enjoyed their time and reading with Raymond. And would like to share their comments with him because of privacy only first names will be used.

Dear Raymond,

I know many Psychics and Mediums and I do have the abilities myself to a certain degree, however I so you in an article for the Medium of the month in "Becoming Psychic Magazine" and due to the distance I thought I would try out one of your readings by e-mail.  I am shocked at your accuracy down to a tee, unbelievable; you have helped me tremendously and answered all my questions thank you so much.  Please keep up the fabulous work healing many people as you have a remarkable gift from GOD thank you! 

Love & Light


Hi, Raymond,

I was at the charity psychic fair in Basildon last Thursday and I would just like to say how impressed I was with your reading. Not only was you so very accurate, but when I did not understand something, you took the time to explain it. I have been dealing with a bad situation for three years now and you showed me a way out of this situation that I had not even thought of . I took your advice and wrote the letter to my parents, Mom and Dad showed up yesterday and they have accepted my son and want to help as much as possible. How can I ever thank you. You gave me my life back.
Love Christine.

Dear Raymond,
I came to the psychic fair at Higham and had a reading with you my life has been upside down for the past six months. When I had my reading with you, I knew that everything was going to be ok. You gave me so much information to put my life back together. Thank you so much.
Love Carol

Hi Raymond
Its Kellie I came to you today at the Psychic Faye Wainscott, Thank you so much for the fabulous reading x."

Hi Raymond,
I never had a reading before today and thought that psychics just generalized, but I nearly fell off my chair when you started being specific on too many subjects. There was no way anybody could possibly know what I have been going through you have helped me see where I have been going wrong. And I was able to let go of the pain that has plagued me for the past three years. Thank you so much you are truly gifted.

Hi Raymond,
How are you well I hope?
I was one of the last people you gave a reading to on Saturday in Barking the two sisters.
After your fantastic reading it really got me thinking.
Iím the sister with the curly hair and glasses, in my reading love came up which threw me completely. There has been two people who Iím still in touch with one was someone I was with for 6 years and the other was a few months relationship when I was 19 (Iím 29 now lol). As silly as this may sounds Iím not sure if I am in love with either of them or not both are good friends.
I was wondering is it possible to get another amazing reading to look into this matter further as it has really got me thinking..
Anyway you take care, Anju.

After my time with Raymond I felt totally inspired, strengthened in my convictions, my suspicions confirmed, my determination, positivity, clarity and sense of empowerment all grew.
I hadn't had a reading for 5 or so years and hadn't planned to that evening but Raymond looked so interesting and genuine I felt compelled to go and speak with him.
I didn't say much at all really and Raymond told me things that I had been worrying/thinking about for a long while but hadn't acted on yet.
He said I should put a red rose on my CV when I look for a new job and the regional manager of the company I now work for noticed, remembered & mentioned the rose when she offered me the position. I am honestly happier in my job than ever. It's challenging but I love it
Ray said lots of accurate, relevant things but the thing that made the biggest impact was when he too thought that my Steve was the one I was meant to be with. I had been thinking the same thing for near enough 3 years and it was Raymond's reading that gave me more strength to go out and make my life unfold the way it really should be.
I have been meaning to write this message of gratitude & recommendation for months but better late than never I always say
There are a whole load of fakes out there who claim to have some sort of gift but Raymond really seems a breed of his own, I feel lucky to have met him & his lovely wife and look forward to the next time he is in my town. Hannah Mason, Gravesend, Kent, 14.7.14

Crystal, Melbourne, Australia.

Dear Raymond.

I had an email reading from you in December 2014 and I would like to tell you that you were absolutely spot-on. On January 3, my husband did get the new job he had applied for as you predicted, and we are also moving into a new home that you said would go with the job. You also predicted the birth of the new child around July or August 2015 and I am so happy to tell you that I am pregnant with our first child. You also said there would be a big celebration in March 2015. My sister has just announced that she will be getting married at the end of March this year. Thank you so much. You were so spot-on.

Thank you, Crystal


Nanette Le Bon.

Dear Raymond,

I wanted to stop by and thank you personally for an inspirational e-mail reading. It confirmed what I have felt strongly all along - that Marc is commitment-phobic due to emotional issues of the past.

I have put this to him on a few occasions and he has strenuously denied it. I have felt for the past 6+ years pulled into (what I would call) a dysfunctional relationship... with Marc pursuing me romantically, then me feeling like he was keeping me waiting at his feet. I am so delighted to have my inner feelings confirmed. I thank you so much for that. I felt short of having my head played with, going around in dysfunctional cycles.

Although soul shocked that there isn't going to be a romantic relationship between us until he deals with his emotional issues, divine love isn't on condition. So I know now that I can direct my life with the freedom of continuing loving him as a dearest friend, without being pulled into it romantically. I have known for some time that it does not have to be 'romantic' and I have asked God, our Divine, to allow for a soul mate to enter my life romantically. I feel I am deserving of love and a romantic relationship for the whole duration. I have been on my own for nearly 7 years, devoting my life to my 3 sons disabled with autism.

I will be in contact very soon for further e-mail readings to help me along my soul's progress.

My gratitude and blessings to you Raymond,


Micheal teal.

Raymond I feel its important to let people know when their life and work has a profound effect on people. Upon visiting your online dwelling place I was inspired by who you are. I am impressed by what you are sharing with the universe. You have my respect, gratitude and appreciation. I found your efforts to be meaningful and significant. I honour the path you are on. Thank you for being such a glorious blessing. I wish you a journey of joy where you live every moment with a smile on your heart.


Hi Raymond
Thanks for the reading you gave me on Saturday at Wiston Steam Rally.
It was accurate, insightful and gave me a lot to think about. Plus you were a lovely person to talk to and took time to explain your path when I asked questions.

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