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Philosophies and Affirmations


Life is made up of philosophies; those philosophies carry us forward to success, to empowerment vision and direction. Along with the affirmations to improve our resolve to obtain the goals that we would like to aspire to in our lives. Make it a more enjoyable journey for us, to maximizing our inspiration, motivation and conviction with foresight. Realize our dreams and ambitions, making small changes every day. So that we can become accustomed to the direction we have chosen to fulfil our hopes and desires of a rich and fulfilling life.

Here is three sample's of Raymond's Philosophy's

Inviting your angel to take an active part in your life.

Knowing who your angel is and the comfort they give.

What does it actually mean to become spiritually aware

The Journey

A Vessel of Progression.

Ascension of a Loved One

The Road Back From A Broken Heart

The Infectious Disease




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