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An exciting new book which gives a refreshing realistic view as to the simplicity of life. Enabling you the reader to see new perspectives and effective alternative. Helping you to make better choices or see alternative choices that have been obscure and difficult to see in the past.

As we overcomplicate life it is difficult to see our future perspectives. Many times a simple philosophy  affirmation or quotation has the power to change our direction. This unique book not only talks about the chapter, but also gives philosophies, quotations and affirmations after each chapter. To help you, the reader possibly make alternative choices to improve your life in whichever direction you wish to go but of course, this remains your choice .

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A Journey into Infinity


Karen Mays

I wish to publicly put out there Raymond, that your book is fantastic. As someone who travels on the same path, I have found it refreshing and insightful. I love how you have poured your knowledge and feelings into every line, every page. It's insightful and will help many who wish to take the first steps to enlightenment. The quotations you have included after every chapter helps you to rethink how you see your own meaning and life. There are some amazing tips in there. Thank You so much for sharing this with me.

Steve Clarke.

I found your to be informative and inspiring, sometimes we get tired of the mundane way life is going. I found your book to be thought-provoking, but also at same time, found it took me to a quiet place where only I was important. That is quite an unusual feeling. I enjoyed the book tremendously and love its unique format of philosophies and quotations after every chapter. I can see anyone reading your book will benefit from its thoughtful, content, a book really well written.

Susan Garssick.

I do not normally read books like this, but the front cover grabbed my attention. Wow, what a shock I got you have life spot on. As a person who is driven and ambitious, knows their own mind, when reading your book. I found out how little I know when reading, I became calm and peaceful, remembering things that I have put out of my mind and never give a second thought. I could see where I had gone wrong in relationships and with my career. The philosophies are truly inspiring, I've always thought that if the thing is meant to happen it will, but your book shows me that I have influence over what happens to me. Thank you so much for writing this book. It came at a time. I needed some direction

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  Harmonics of Humanity    










Harmonics of Humanity






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Raymond's new mini series of books.



Visions of faith is a nice little book that helps the reader to see a more philosophical positive perspective. As many of us have insecurities in one way or another, we tend to get stuck in a groove that becomes a way of life. This can many times lead to choices. We do not wish to make but feel we have no other alternative which is not the case. There are many choices we may not have considered, visions of faith is a book that helps you examine and possibly make a small adjustment to a situation that may be stressful. Possibly enabling you to have a better frame of mind, or possibly stop in during that which you felt you had no choice but to endure.
Visions of faith is full of philosophies, quotations and affirmations that have relevance to the choices we make every day.







Visions of Love, is a book that deals with both the negative and positive side of love. As in all things, if we do not know the negative side of love, we can go down the wrong road for many years. By making slight adjustments and invoking affirmations. We can positively attract the most suitable partner to possibly fulfil most of our emotional needs. While remembering no one is perfect. The little tweaks we make to our perception of what a love relationship should be. This could dramatically alter our vision and commitment as to the content of a long-term or short-term relationship.
Visions of love takes a positive philosophical approach which is thought-provoking that can possibly strengthen your resolve to find the right partner. This great little book offers many philosophies that may give the reader a different approach, resolve or acceptance of a relationship.
This may improve the prospect of becoming involved in a relationship that will stand the test of time.









Visions of the soul, a quest of completion, this is a nice little book that emphasises some of the many choices we can make to feel complete. Addressing some of the insecurities, many of us face through circumstances often beyond our control. But by adjusting those insecurities to become positive attributes can often give a new perspective. Giving the ability of acceptance and release that has potential to alter our way of thinking, to where confidence overrides the many insecurities we faced in the past. This great little book contains many philosophies, affirmations and quotations that have a relevance to your future of your prospective whole being. This prospective may help you enjoy life more fully feeling complete and in control of whom you are and what you wish to become.


Visions of success, is a book that deals with both the negative and positive side of success. The creation of success is not really as we intended it to be, as there is always some slight adjustment that needs to be made. But to be able to see that adjustment or take a new approach many times takes an attitude adjustment. Or be willing to be flexible and not fixated on a rigid plan of action that does not allow you to compensate, for circumstances beyond your control. Success does not always relate to a business venture or celebrity status. Being successful in communication can produce wonderful relationships, both personal and friendship. To become a successful person paying attention to whom you are what you wish to become is success in the making. The philosophies, affirmations and quotations that go with success, create your guiding principles and ethics. The adjustments that can be made to your vision of success may give you great confidence with innovative resourcefulness. To know that everything is possible with the right motivation, inspiration and conviction with foresight as these are the keys that open all doors to all dreams.