The Year Ahead For 2017

The year of 2017, this year could become known as a maverick year, completely independent of any year previously. This is because of the negative effects from all around the world, combining them selves with the modern day world and trying to find a resolution. But has created an imbalance of forward thinking without conflict, which has caused confusion, this has effectively charged the atmosphere with potential dominance and control, which is met with resistance and strife. 2017 may be a difficult year for those that do not plan ahead, and allow for fluctuation in those plans. This is a year of high communication, with extreme emphasis on information, so if you are planning any changes in your life, make sure that you have all the relevant information first, before proceeding. This relates to both personal and business relationships, with special care in negotiations of any kind. Any career changes must be met with the same tenacity of communication and information, making sure that you have all the facts correct, leaving nothing to chance, but allowing for flexibility, approaching the year in this manner will give you the best possible results, and rewards.

Significant numbers for 2017, especially in games of chance are 5, 8, 15, 19, 23, 27, 33, and 47 the luckiest months of the year are February, April, May, July, September, and October. Important negotiations and agreements will be met with the most favourable results during these months.

Romantic questions, such as marriage or commitment, would be more favourably suited from the beginning of February to the end of July. For gentlemen, the most favourable time to pop the question would be at a fun event, or a romantic evening.

The world 2017, many countries will still have unrest, with regards to refugees from other countries. Who view these refugees as potential threats to their way of life and society, looking to their governments and security forces to alleviate these problems, but seeing no results? Many natives of these countries see the refugees as intruders that were forced upon them, giving no time for reconstruction of the social environment. Still angered at the refugees that are demanding changes in laws, which would be more in fitting with their way of life, but not acknowledging that they are guests, in a country that gave them refuge! Worldwide security against terrorist organisations is of extreme highlight, as there may be more outrages of violence, in high populated areas or events, particularly in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Paris, France, Munich, so it is important that security and intelligence forces be on high alert, in those areas.

Money 2017, it will be important to keep your hand in your pocket, with your hand firmly fixed on your pennies. Many credit organisations are assuming that the banking system worldwide has repaired itself, from the meltdown of a couple of years ago. This is not the case; it would be advisable for anyone wishing to spend out on property, entertainment or assets, to check the value of what they are getting for their money. As the money system has not finished fluctuating yet, the pound is due to rise against the dollar, which will be happy news for many. One particular aspect of the exchange rates will be the first year of the new American president. This will be an influence on all monetary systems. So if you are thinking of investing in anything, pay attention to what is happening with the US president, as this will have a significant effect in exchange rates of the pound, versus the dollar. This may have a fluctuating effect on property in particular.

Academic organisations during 2017, many see the need for a change in the academic curriculum, surrounding technology, we are living in the 21st-century, and as technology advances, so must the academic work to complement that technology, mathematics particularly needs to move into a whole new line of mathematics. Virtually everything conceived in this world today is based on mathematics, the calculation of characteristics, calculating the acceptance of an effect, even advertising contains mathematics, with flowcharts and view graphs, emphasising how much of the public effectively pays attention; to that advertising. As our society changes, so must our academic qualifications, to aspire to the technology that surrounds our society, possibly approaching that technology in a different manner; would give greater results. Unfortunately, reforms are slow in emerging.

Technology, technology-based systems are becoming so widespread now, that the human being has to take second place in many processes. In some cases technology is moving beyond what humanity can digest, without significant training, or time to assimilate the knowledge. The more sophisticated the computer that programs that technology, the more difficult it becomes to operate that technology; without the correct training. These new technologies, such as robotics, automation, radio communication and nanite technology, are changing the world, particularly in cybernetics. These prosthetic body components are becoming more and more widespread now, giving people longer life by replacing a lost limb or organs. Individual identity tagging, still rages as a major issue. This is a small GPRS radio device, which is inserted underneath the skin, under the disguise of monitoring a person's body functions by hospitals. But is in fact; a device that can track a person anywhere on the planet, by the use of a code inserted into a computer, which can track that person to within 6 inches. Some would say that technology is moving too fast, as the more technology advances the less freedom humanity seems to have; leaving the control of society firmly in the grips of government agencies.

Medical advances 2017, medicine continues to amaze everyone, pushing back the boundaries of what is, or what is not possible, combined with technology which is almost science-fiction. In the past five years we have seen an artificial heart that will keep beating for five years, prosthetic limbs with implants into nerves, that will move the prosthetic arm or leg by thought, even face transplants are now becoming commonplace. But I feel there are two big new announcements that will be forthcoming. One of these is a new antibiotic, which will make MRSA a thing of the past. With new treatments to do with both Huntington's disease and Alzheimer's disease being developed, possibly through the use of musical frequencies. An announcement could be made regarding a radical new treatment for autism. This I feel will be controversial, and may have to be proven over a period of time to become common practice. Hearing aids may become a thing of the past, with an announcement of an implant that could restore the hearing. Also significant advances in sight restoration may be announced, towards the later part of 2017.

High finance 2017, it is still clear that high finance is not being as responsible as it should be, the big companies are still trying to induce people to take on credit, which I feel is putting pressure on the normal person in the street, who is trying to make ends meet. Because of the last banking meltdown, I feel that people are being more cautious, as to where they are spending their hard earned cash; and quite rightly so. However, department stores, mortgage companies and hire purchase companies, are still trying to induce people to spend money with them in the form of credit. Unfortunately, these companies do not take responsibility for what they induce or encourage the individual to take credit out for. I feel that this puts undue pressure on the individual, which would like to make their life better. But is in fact responsible for many of the problems we have in society today, with many relationships breaking down. I feel it is wise for any individual who wishes to invest in property, to take their time in looking around for the best deal possible; and when signing contracts. Make sure those contracts are in your best interest, with fixed clauses, which do not fluctuate in favour of the finance company.

Extraterrestrials, for centuries, the question of aliens has long been subject to controversy. Many organisations have tried to prove that aliens do exist, and evidence to their existence has been vigorously subdued or concealed. Many conspiracy theorists have tried to provoke, authorities and governments to reveal evidence of extraterrestrial life. 2017 may see some sort of supporting evidence from a reliable source of extra terrestrial existence. But I also feel that this evidence may remain controversial. Hard to believe all the evidence as it is so fantastic. The general public may not wish to believe the evidence, but the revelation may be the catalyst of a revolutionary new thinking, as to the existence of extraterrestrials. However, I do feel most strongly that the American military, national security and other security agencies will vigorously deny the evidence that has come forth, creating cover stories to account for the evidence.

Politics 2017, this year on 20 January at 12 noon will see the inauguration of the 45th American president, Donald Trump, while he has many supporters, there are those that see him as a danger to the American public. A loose cannon if you will, that will throw a tantrum, when he can not get what he wants. This man has no political experience and is looking to run America like a business, which I feel many will suffer because of his misconceptions, he has made many promises to the American public, which I feel he will not follow through with. Making claims to expel 2 1/2 million illegal immigrants, yet may not have considered the moral justification for it. We all understand that laws must be adhered to, but compassion also comes within the laws of adjudication. I feel that the banning of Muslims from the US, or a registration system may be a dangerous proposal, and may be seen as an attack on Muslims. I feel that this man is not only a danger to the American public, but also a danger to world security; and may trigger another Cold War. Making claims to increase the nuclear arsenal I feel was totally irresponsible, as I feel this will affect Russia, China and North Korea. I feel that Donald Trump's negotiations with other country leaders will not go well, possibly causing a split in politics between these countries. I also feel that there is the possibility of his own company benefiting by insider information, as if questioned about this, his explanation of any such events may be questionable and unreliable to American public and by the world. I feel it will be necessary for his advisers to either deflate his ego, or show him the downfalls of what he is planning to do. Donald Trump; needs to remember that the American presidency is bigger than any one man; it is an office, not a state of being. I also feel that Donald Trump will (NOT) serve a full four years administration, as I feel that a call for impeachment may be an issue, or an assassination attempt could be made. As many of his actions or decisions may become questionable, or controversial, this may cause unrest or resentment. But ultimately this particular president needs to learn diplomacy when dealing with foreign leaders, as without diplomacy, it will make negotiations extremely hard. The fact that Donald Trump has stated when writing his inauguration speech, he will be taking inspiration from President John F Kennedy & and President Ronald Reagan, effectively aligning himself with two great iconic figures of history, when he has not earned the right to do so! It also implies that he will be relying heavily on what has been done before, and we should not expect anything more?

Generally 2017, is a good year for concentrating on what is important to you, both personally and professionally. A good year for career moves, and enhancements of your present employment, bearing in mind that flexibility will be the key to a good career move. It is advisable to pay particular attention to children's needs, both in recreation and education, being careful to stimulate them to keep their interest. As with the movement of technology, education becomes stressful, and they will need the recreation to keep them happy and carefree, so it is good to reward hard work with stimulating recreation. Keeping track of your finances will undoubtedly keep you on top, putting a little bit extra into savings would be advisable, so that it will stand you in good stead towards the middle of the year. If you are house hunting the most favourable months to put a bid on a property are March, April, August, and September. This is possibly, when all the good deals can be had, so make sure you have a good lawyer; for everything to go smoothly. If you are travelling this year, make sure you have all your travel plans and timetables readily to hand, as there could be some unforeseen disruption, in the late summer months. 2017 will be a good year for communication and negotiation, making sure that you have all the full facts before you enter into any negotiation, but diplomacy will give you your greatest reward. Making time for relaxation and fun this year is still important. This does not have to be an extravagant day out at a theme park, more like a nice relaxing day out at the park with the kids, and feed the ducks, maybe have a picnic. 2017 will be a good year for getting things done. So long as you plan ahead with flexibility in any negotiation, and communication, relationships or any type of commitment to personal relationships or professional. Be sure to make your views or expectations known before you proceed, giving you the most happiest and contented outcome.

I feel that honesty, with a happy-go-lucky attitude of optimism, motivation and resolve will play a great part in 2017. To keep finances in order and try to put a little more in to savings, so that when you want that little luxury you have the resources. Honesty of commitment in relationships, be it personal or professional, will have a huge impact, so if you are not sure of a relationship; be wise and take your time, you will be thankful that you did, remembering to have fun where ever you can.

I would like to wish everyone the very best of luck for 2017.

Have a great year and remember, think lucky and you will be lucky.

Raymond Worthy 2017


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